residential license – Teller CO


To Design and build out custom homes and commercial properties, tenant improvements, to mitigate, remediation and adjust fire, wind, hail, water damage and code infractions, in Teller County, El Paso County, and other parts of Colorado.

Having owned and operated a large construction company that accomplished many technical restructuring projects and new construction, both residential and commercial, I believe I am well qualified to handle the task set forth. I am highly motivated and tenacious in accomplishing difficult projects in a quality and timely fashion.


1969 – 1970 Carpenters helper — employed by Urban Land Developers of Jupiter.

1970 – 1972 Sub-contract — carpentry and roofing — Urban Land Developers. Installed roof structure on 123 single family homes.

1973 – 1974 Carpenter and foreman for Brush Builders, Hobe Sound. Drywall construction — contract work for Atlantic Drywall and Maneri Construction.

1975 – 1978 (Fairbanks, Alaska) 1975 — General Superintendent for Wilson and Sons Inc. Built 17 custom homes and supervised 7 carpenters and 18 laborers. 1976 – 77 — Foreman for Weis Enterprises. Built (7) 48 unit apartment buildings (38,500 sq. ft. ea.). Each building structure was a combination of concrete slab, 18” solid concrete walls with tie-beams, stem walls, and steel girders with H.T. framing. Each structure was 285’x60’x3 stories with full concrete basements.

1978 – 1980 (Hobe Sound, Florida) Obtained drywall and roofing contractor’s licenses. Constructed all roofing systems for Jupiter Dunes in Jupiter and many others. Installed drywall systems in 5 story condominiums — Jupiter.

1980 – 1994 Obtained Florida State Certified Building Contractors License. Designed, built, developed, and sold 29 single family residences, 6 duplexes, and 22 custom homes. Built and designed a large commercial office complex in Hobe Sound, FL. The commercial complex consisted of combination sales and warehouse areas. (Area approx. 15,000 sq. ft.) ~ ~ (Pt. Salerno, FL) designed and built church (8,000 sq. ft.). Supervised structural and mechanical work on 27,000 sq. ft. plaza in Pt. St. Lucie (Lakes Plaza). ~ ~ Built 12,500 sq. ft. Doctor’s offices (Executive Medical Center, 1825 Tiffany, PSL) Braden & Braden Architects ~ ~ Constructed, designed or re-constructed numerous additions, re-roof systems structural repair – 1980 – 1983. ~ ~ Structural construction of Morningside Academy (school), Pt. St. Lucie. – a two story concrete and steel structure (23,200 sq. ft. under roof), with 4 hour fire protection throughout. ~ ~ Built two (2) three story residences on Hutchinson Island – both units 5,000 sq. ft. plus. ~ ~ Tenant Improvements – St. Lucie Business Park, Port St. Lucie – 24,500 sq. ft. Braden & Braden Architects ~ ~ Many structural (exterior/interior) insurance claim jobs for State Farm, including residential and commercial fire damage mitigation and restoration. ~ ~ Roofing system for Surf Construction on a 11,000 sq. ft. building. ~ ~ (Stuart and Pt. St. Lucie, FL) — Refurbished & re-roofed buildings A, G, and H at Tarpon Bay Yacht Club, Port St. Lucie. Refurbished & re-roofed15 buildings at Angler’s Cove Condominium, Inc. Refurbished & re-roofed 9 buildings at the Village of 800 Place Condominium Association Inc. Stuart and Fairway Villas of Miles Grant Association Inc., Stuart (46 houses), Conquistador Condominiums.

After Hurricane Andrew, re-roofed and refurbished the following: Insurance Storm Damage Work – Mostly State Farm Adjustments (In Miami) — Refurbished interiors and exteriors (complete roof systems) at Gardens at Kendall Lakes (176,000 sq. ft.), Trail Heights Gardens Condominium (91,300 sq. ft.), Dadeland Gardens Condominium (78,000 sq. ft.), Red Tag Furniture, Camino Circle Condominium Association, Kendall Lakes East Patios Condominium, Kendall Lakes East Lakeview Condominium (225,000 sq. ft.), Kendall Heights Condominium Association (175,000 sq. ft.), Fernwood Condominium Association #2, Inc. (112,500 sq. ft.), retrofit of roof system on 18-story building on Miami beach and completely refurbished 84 houses.

Other insurance adjusted projects: Ocean View Condominium (riverside and ocean side) on Hutchinson Island, Stuart and Cedar Pointe Village #8 (53,000 sq. ft.), Stuart, FL — as well as other commercial and residential projects.

In Florida, from St. Lucie to Dade County, remodeled and or restored over 378 single family homes. During this period our company ranged from 35 to 135 employees. In 1993, McNab Inc. had up to 48 projects under construction at one time.

1993 Designed and built a custom home on five acres — 3 car detached garage with 2 custom-designed apartments — $150,000 custom pool/patio area with waterfalls and cabanas. Total value in present dollars — 1.5 Million

1995 – 2006 (Colorado) El Paso County general contractor license type A-1. As a contractor, refurbished and remodeled commercial and residential structures. Remodeling and insurance/repair construction for Select Properties and others. Insurance adjustment and design of repairs for Colorado Property Improvements. ~ ~ Design and construct restaurant addition – value $375,000 ~ ~ Re-design and refurbish motel/restaurant – value $950,000 ~ ~ Retrofit and restructure 4 church roof systems – value $65,000 to $125,000 ~ ~ Built a church multipurpose building of 26,000 sq. ft. which serves as a 1500 seat auditorium, double court gym., restaurant, and amenities – gross improvement, 1.9 million ~ ~ Designed and built a custom home in the Broadmoor area – value $985,000 ~ ~ Designed and installed collegiate baseball field for Woodland Park’s recreational facilities – value $440,000 – field won national award ~ ~ Designed and installed two collegiate sized soccer fields for El Paso Pride Soccer Association – value $650,000 ~ ~ Designed and installed an exercise field for National Strengthening and Conditioning Association ~ ~ Designed and installed double soccer fields for Woodland Park’s recreational facility – value $438,000 ~ ~ Designed and installed football stadium field for UCCS – value $525,000

2007 – 2008 Designed and built a custom home in Woodland Park – value $740,000 – it won all eight industry awards for its category in Colorado Springs Parade of Homes 2007 ~ ~ Design and built a custom Home – Value $1,250,000 ~ ~ Design and built a custom Home – Value $825,000 ~ ~ Design and built a custom Home – Value $950,000

2009 to 2012 Mitigate a sinking foundation – installed helical piers and multiple foundation pads, subsurface tie anchors, a structural slab, and a subsurface exterior drainage system to mitigate foundation compromise. ~ ~ Multiple water extraction mitigation and renovation projects ~ ~ Major black water mitigation and renovation – value $125,000 ~ ~ Two water damage interiors insurance adjusted and repaired – value $70,000 ~ ~ Mitigate a home that had never received a Certificate of Occupancy and had two additions, a detached garage, and a pole barn built without permits. MBI met all local requirements and a sale deadline of two weeks to CO the property. ~ ~ Designed and built out a master control studio for KRDO Channel 13 ~ ~ Finishing out a high end custom home that had been left unfinished, installing coffered and cathedral beamed ceilings, custom bathrooms, correcting structural and ventilation infractions and more.

2013 to present: Built Choices addition in Woodland Park. Designed and built out a major sales production addition to KRDO Channel 13, budget One Million plus. Designed 4 Model homes for MBI construction. Designed and built out 14 mid level homes in Teller County and Woodland Park. Designed and built custom home in Divide, value $650,000. Designed and currently building custom home in Douglas county, value $750,000. Numerous remodel and foundation mitigation. Presently developing real estate investment company specializing in retirement investments in rental properties.


In Florida — (Past) State Certified Building Contractor for all residential and all commercial construction up to 3 stories. State Certified Roofing Contractor for unlimited types of construction.

In Colorado since 1998 – (Present) General Contractor (A-1 Category) for unlimited types of construction. These qualifications include new construction and refurbishing of educational facilities and large assemblies with unlimited size.


Extensive – insurance adjustment, including cost estimating, adjustment negotiation, mitigation, and structural redesign.
Qualification in mold, asbestos, black water, and lead mitigation
Computer programs relating to general construction, ie: unit pricing, spread sheets, budgeting, and flow charts
AIA contracting forms, pay schedules, etc.
Extensive proposals both as General Contractor to customer and to subcontractor
Government work bid forms, bonding, etc.
Working with architects and engineers, i.e.: structural design and mechanical specification.
Re-structure and remodeling of occupied structures, both in commercial and residential settings
Design and construction of many custom homes, ranging from $375,000 to $1,500,000.