The Build Process

“I’d like to build a home but I’m overwhelmed by the process. What should I know about it?”

We hear you! Read on:

The first step will be to choose a reputable home builder in the area you would like this new home. You’ll be working closely with the builder you chose as you make what is most likely the largest purchase of your life: so you want to make sure you can trust them, enjoy their communication style, and love their building designs. Pick a builder who is going to do everything they can to make the process as stress-free as possible.

Since builders approach the next steps in many different ways, we’ll tell you about our process.

We are turn-key builders which means we’re going to walk you through every step from architecture to land acquisition to your completed home; we even have an award-winning interior decorating team should you want to add this to your home package. This streamlined experience brings everything in-house: you don’t need to shop around for an architect to draw the plans, a bank to grant a construction loan, or an interior designer to personalize your home.

Step One:  You’ve told us on the phone what area you’re interested in so now you’ll meet us at the lots you’re interested in looking at. Usually these are in a community that we’re developing, but we’re happy to look at other lots should you have one in mind. Are you looking for a view of Pikes Peak? A lot with more trees? Nothing beats looking at lots in person while you consider these questions.

Step Two:  If you decide to proceed, you’ll then meet with Mark, our structural designer and lead contractor. He will go over specific details of lots, the building process, and any questions you have. You will spend time at both the lot and our Design Center to get a complete view of your land, exterior, and interior choices.

Step Three:  If you want to press the go button, you’ll sign a contract to begin Phase 1. This phase will take 2-4 months and the cost will vary depending on your choice of home and how much design and engineering work is involved. Phase 1 consists of:

Design and architectural phase:  Tell us your dreams! Your home is going to be your sanctuary and we want to know what that feels and looks like for you. Do you love entertaining? Do you work from home? What are your hobbies? Do you love open concept living or more private separations? These and many other questions help us get to know you and your desires. During this conversation, you’ll have the opportunity to think about whether a spec home, a semi-custom home, or a full custom built home is the right choice for you. – – If you choose a custom home, our award winning designer Pat will draw your dream with old-style pencil and graph paper.  From there, Richard or Margo will put your plans into CAD (computer-aided design). If you like one of the floor plans we already have, but want to change a bit of the design, Pat will collaborate with our CAD team to modify your semi-custom home.

Testing the land:  What kind of soil does it have – rocky or more expansive? How does water flow through it? Does it have a steep grade? Are there deed or HOA restrictions? We have you covered! Our team gets all of these questions answered to ensure your home foundation, drainage system, and exterior design will be exactly what is needed for your land.

Line item budget:  Now that you have your personalized house plans and all of the information about your lot, a detailed line-item budget is prepared by our team. This lets you see what your home will cost should all your current choices remain the same. Once the build has started, with our team’s assistance, you can still change your mind about certain aspects, such as which kitchen sink you want. Just keep in mind that if you chose a more expensive sink than the premium level sink in the budget, the additional cost will be added to your final home cost.

Funding options:  The next question would be financing. What is your down payment, are you building with cash, construction loan, or both? We work closely with Park State Bank in Woodland Park for all construction loans. You’ll be happy to know that your pre-qualification meeting at the bank will only take about an hour and then we will handle everything else from there, starting in phase 2, throughout the rest of the build.

Step Four:  Let Phase 2 begin! You’ve made it through all the behind-the-scenes work and now you get to see your house begin to take shape. Phase 2 begins with a new “construct” contract, the permit and the actual construction of your home. A licensed engineer will independently review the plans for the foundation and structure based off of your lot’s soil test. Then the house site will be surveyed and excavated, the foundation will be poured, and the perimeter drains will be installed. The energy efficiency of your home starts right here in the foundation with specialized insulating concrete forms. Phase 2 will take 8-12 months, depending on weather, soils preparation, home size, material availability, and subcontractor schedules. While MBI manages the entire project carefully for quality and schedule, the hands on-work is done in part by us and in part by our team of subcontractors.

Step Five:  You’ll be able to follow each step almost daily with our CO-construct portal. You’re also welcome to visit the job site with one of our team; just set up an appointment! The parts of the home build often overlap as skilled experts work on their specific tasks but the basics proceed similar to this:

    1. Excavation and foundation installation
    2. Perimeter drain installation
    3. Utilities
    4. Framing, fireplace installation
    5. Plumbing
    6. Roofing
    7. Heating and cooling systems, ductwork
    8. Electrical, lighting, wiring for TV and sound systems
    9. Insulation
    10. Drywall
    11. Exterior finishes
    12. Cabinets, trim, tile
    13. Painting/staining, mirrors, doors, window sills, fireplace mantle
    14. Flooring and painting
    15. Bathroom and kitchen fixtures
    16. Driveway pouring, landscaping
    17. Appliance installation
    18. Interior final clean, window screen installation
    19. Certificate of occupancy, punch list, closing

Step Six:  Your home is built! It’s time to do the final walk-through with us to make sure everything is tip-top before closing. Then: let the celebration begin as you get settled in your dream nest! If you have chosen our interior design team, they will walk you through the next phase of beautifying your spaces. We will continue to be here for you if you have any questions about your home. Our warranty will cover workmanship and construction materials for your first year.

Where to go from here:

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